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Digimon Aurity is a ROBLOX game created by Digital_Boy, Shipool, Wendigo_King, Roselius, Kevincatssing, Racekppcar, GravyStar, Squirteer1 and a lot of moderators. This game is based on Digimon.

This is an in-depth encyclopedia on Digimon Aurity, a game based on the Digimon franchise that can be played at

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The game was created by Digital_Boy, and is run by him and his admin team. The game currently has over eight million visits, sixty-one thousand favorites, and fourteen-thousand likes.

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There are many ways to pronounce the Aurity" in Digimon Aurity.

The most common way to spell it is either as "aow-rii-tii", or the much preferred "ore-rity" (as seen below). 


Digimon Aurity's Group logo.


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